Sarah here! Founder of Biggie Bites Soap Co. So, this really all goes back to 2014 when I started my first company, Sheamakey Skincare. A Company centered on quality natural ingredients, artistic flair combined with baked goods, and sweet scents. After years of producing countless products, designing websites, and collaborating with other industry professionals I came to the realization that what I really loved most out of all the experiences I gained was being a part of the innovation and branding that create truly memorable products. 


Fast forward to 2022, so much had changed through the years but my love for creating new and exciting products never waivered. One day while promoting products for my skincare line I thought, "OOOOK! I AM SOO BORED WITH THIS, I NEED TO DO SOMETHING ELSE!" So to shake up my week I told my customers to comment on whatever creation they'd like for me to make for them, no matter what! We got responses like mashed potato body scrub, ramen noodle candle, and even a fried chicken candle. I was BEYOND excited! As the weeks passed and I worked on 30+ new and exciting giveaway creations for my customers, the ideas kept on pouring in. If you're creative like me, people like us get so many ideas sometimes that the anxiety will just build and build until you get an outlet to see all, or at least one of your ideas become a reality. Combine that anxiety to create with the ability to bring it into existence and you're just about ready to burst! 


Within just 72 days the concept, designs, prototypes, website, marketing, photography, really just about everything for Biggie Bites Soap Co. was ready to launch! Funny enough, prior to this time I had just started going Vegan (or at least trying to), eating healthier, and exercising. Some of my favorites I was OBSESSED with like the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich or Chik Fil A Fries was no longer a staple in my diet. But oh how I missed them!!! It's something about the marketing for these iconic foods that makes them so appealing, not to mention they're also bursting with flavor. The colors, and the photography, although they're not the healthiest choice we still go crazy for them.


So whether you're a foodie like me, a reformed one, vegan, pescatarian, and everything in between, you found your happy medium! Enjoy your guilty pleasures without the compromise of ruining your diet. And if you still enjoy these tasty foods from time to time, please order me a #1! As with my first company, I'm dedicated to bringing you the most unique products with a fun shopping experience. We're limiting these fascinating creations to soaps, that way production time is fast and their design, quality, and packaging are closely managed and perfected, (hi I'm a perfectionist). Each soap even arrives in special wrapping to make you feel like you just ordered from your favorite fast food joint! Biggie Soaps was made to be big, bold, and lots of fun. I hope you enjoy these new creations as much as I do!